‘Quote Cola’ is a couple of words that I have always liked. I got them from Joe DiMaggio,

“I can remember a reporter asking me for a quote, and I didn’t know what a quote was. I thought it was some kind of soft drink.”

Mr. DiMaggio’s frankness is part of the quote’s charm. His momentary bamboozlment by a word like ‘Quote’ shows a degree of humility that is lost to history. Nobody talks like that anymore. The idea that he could be asked about some new-fangled Cola called ‘Quote’ is too innocent to end up in an Abbott & Costello bit. But it is real all the same.

Most quips and tao-like phrases by all those baseball players of yesteryear are folksy enough to be confused with blue-collar charm. But it happened in another time and place where “things were different”. And, in light of this, it becomes apparent that DiMaggio did not have to admit to not knowing what a quote is. He could never say that today. Reality is scripted now. No one is allowed to feign idiocy in front of a camera, in front of anyone, without being paid for it. There’s no room for humility, there is no money in it.


Back when I was first inspired to slap the words ‘Quote Cola’ on something and sell it, I wanted it to be the name of my all-star underground/independent comic. (It still could be.) I made an ad campaign for one of my graphic design classes in college. I thought of naming the design studio I was advertising Quote Cola instead (I still could).

It got to the point where these simple words became magical. They took on a life of their own and became a complex I could hang my hat on. It was in 2008 (The Year of the Great Recession) that I realized that these words were my magical formula for deluding myself into mere get-rich-quick business plans. It has been a very humbling experience wrecking my own ponzi scheme to rebuild it with crippling brick and mortar discipline. There is no such thing as antisceptic as getting rich over night.  Sacrifices are going to happen.


I’ve attempted many blogs under ‘Quote Cola’. Can’t explain why — won’t try either. These days, QC reminds me of the word Kabbalah or its hermetic cousin-in-spelling, Qabalah. I’ve seen a lot of people sass the orchard that Qabalah can take you through. It is not uncommon to go around the world to get to the bottom of some Qabalistic parable.

Why walk through such an cosmic orchard? Why walk through fire when there might be a path around? For one reason, sometimes fire is all there is to walk through. Sometimes life choices will bring us to a point where fire is beset on all sides — when it is necessary to walk on fire and be better off for it.

This blog is my attempt to rehabilitate what Quote Cola means to me, to just work it out.